Brand sticks to Mod roots with its latest collection

DELIVERING classic styles that can provide every wearer with a smart and sharp look, Lambretta is sticking to its Mod roots with its latest collection. 
With a flagship store on London’s iconic Carnaby Street, Lambretta has gained a reputation as one of the leading British heritage brands, giving its customers the very best classic clothing and footwear styles. 
Owner, Glenn Briers, said: “We’ve got new designs and styles coming in all the time, but we’re not about following fashion trends, we’re about sticking to our Mod ethos.
“We’ve been doing this a while now and we’re very pleased with what we’ve achieved.”
Although Lambretta use high quality materials when producing their made in England footwear, they’re passionate about providing for the working classes and ensuring their prices stay reasonable.
With classic brogues, loafers and desert boots and more on trend Chelsea boots and boat shoes, Lambretta provide every kind of wearer with a timeless shoe they’re sure to love.
Glenn added: “The other thing that we’re very proud of is the people that wear Lambretta.
“We are a proper working class brand, for working class guys and girls. We will never ever go and try and push our prices up.”
As the high street changes to match catwalk fashions, Lambretta continues to expand what it does, while staying true to its sixties heritage.
Glenn added: “We’re proud of the fact that we can provide shoes and clothing that are of a high quality for a cheaper price than our competitors, like our polo shirts are half the price of our competitors but every bit as good quality.”
As well as having its own stores across the country in trendy locations like London, York and Chester, Lambretta also stock to a selection of different retailers.
Glenn added: “We are in a range of different retailers, from independent retailers who recognise what we’re about and what we do to major retailers, and we’re very happy about that.”

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